Now Hiring: Dallas-Based Tech Company Dialexa

Dialexa is a Dallas-based tech company specializing in digital solutions and product development.

Video Transcript

- Now Hiring aims to connect employers to their next potential new hires during this pandemic. A local tech-solutions company in Dallas says if you're creative and if you have the proper skills, they need you.

Dallas-based Dialexa is a one-stop shop for tech and digital solutions and product development. In their words, they like to create ways to take back of the napkin IT concepts for brands and products and turn them into user realities.

SARA REID: That's app creation. That can be both mobile apps as well as digital. That can be digital experiences and platforms. We even have a hardware lab, so we've even done kiosk development.

- Sarah Reed is the principal of research and design for the company. She says the pandemic proved just how important the need is for things like apps and virtual solutions to keep us at safe distances.

SARA REID: We are looking for contactless ways, digital ways to do businesses. I'm sure a lot of us have had an increase of shopping online, of finding ways to do things without doing-- going to in-store. And so we're finding that business is still thriving.

- Their workload has kept them busy. Dialexa has hired more than 50 people since the pandemic began, and now they have dozens of new jobs they need to fill.

SARA REID: So we need engineers of all different flavors, right-- full stack, front end, back end. We need designer. We need quality-assurance people. We need people most importantly that don't just have the tech skills but also have the people skills.

- Reid says the jobs all come with competitive pay and benefits, including health, 401(k) matching, as well as flexible time off and remote work policies. She's encouraging anyone with a desire to grow in the field of IT solutions to give them a look.

SARA REID: [INAUDIBLE] job. You'll learn a lot of new skill sets, and we really encourage people's growth in what they're interested in and where their strengths lie. So we've had designers go from marketing, marketing go to design, engineers go to data science, and quality-assurance people go to engineering.

- Well, folks, we have made it very easy for you to find the details for all of these jobs. Just go to our website,, and look for the Now Hiring logo. We wish you all the best of luck.

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