Now Hiring: There's A Growing Need For Nurses

Ken Molestina reports.

Video Transcript

- which makes our segment, "Now Hiring," that much more critical. Today, we are getting some insight into the career path of nursing. Ken Molestina explains in today's "Now Hiring."

KEN MOLESTINA: If it wasn't clear before, the pandemic has absolutely proven just how important and vital nurses and those in the health care industry are. Now the jobs in these fields are seeing a shortage, and according to "Industry Insiders," they need more people now, so much so that area nurses are being recruited to travel the country at high-paying rates.

JUANITA ZAPATA FLINT: I've had several of our students that have called and told me that they were approached by a traveling nurse company, and they joined. And they were up in New York, and they were getting paid $10,000 a week plus living expenses, plus transportation, plus, when they finished their 12-week rotation, they also were given their two weeks of quarantine back in Dallas at a hotel. Now, you can't beat that with a stick.

KEN MOLESTINA: Dr. Juanita Zapata Flint is the Vice Provost of the School of Health Sciences at Dallas College. She says pivoting into entry-level jobs in nursing, like a certified nurse's assistant, are reasonable through a certificate program which gets you in the door.

JUANITA ZAPATA FLINT: We have a huge demand for those, and those are certificate programs. And these students can get out within a couple of months, and get out there, and start working, and make a-- a nice little living for themselves. And we hope that they don't stop there. We want them to continue, but it's a stepping stone. And it does provide income for them and their families while they are going to school.

KEN MOLESTINA: That's the quickest way in, she says, and Dallas College can get you started on a path for what is considered to be one of the most in-demand careers in the country. With nurse shortages across the US because of retirement and increased volume in patients due to the pandemic, the field--

JUANITA ZAPATA FLINT: That's the number-one job anywhere in the country, and everybody wants to get into nursing programs.

KEN MOLESTINA: What kind of personality do you think helps someone thrive in this industry?

JUANITA ZAPATA FLINT: Well, they have to have compassion. They have to be able to look beyond themselves. They have to be willing to serve.

KEN MOLESTINA: And if nursing itself doesn't quite fit, Dr. Flint suggests similar types of jobs that are also needed.

JUANITA ZAPATA FLINT: We also have paramedics, and EMTs, and surgical tech, and cardiovascular tech. So we have a lot of different programs.

KEN MOLESTINA: All right, folks. If you need any information on any of the jobs, the career fields, or the "Industry Insider" tips that we've been sharing on this segment, all you have to do is find the "Now Hiring" logo on our website page, Best of luck to you.