Now Hiring: Valvoline

Valvoline Instant Oil Change is a company expanding throughout North Texas.

Video Transcript

- Our segment Now Hiring aims to connect employees to their next potential new hires during the pandemic. Valvoline Instant Oil Change is a company expanding throughout North Texas rapidly, and they are now hiring.

With more than 30 locations owned by the company and franchisees, Valvoline Instant Oil Change is establishing a fast-growing presence for automotive services in North Texas. They were deemed essential during the entire run of the pandemic and never shut down or let go of workers.

KRISTI PETERSON: So we continued to hire through the entire pandemic. We never really had to slow down, and you know, we're still opening new service centers every week all across DFW.

- Kristi Peterson is the marketing manager for the company and says that they have three main positions they are hiring for right now from top to bottom. They need assistant managers with automotive experience, customer service advisors which can be trained, and technicians, who don't need previous experience either.

KRISTI PETERSON: We can teach everything with on-the-job training. We just need people with a great attitude. And we go through a 60-day certification process where they become highly competent to perform those job responsibilities.

- In total there are upwards of 40 positions available right now. They come with competitive pay and benefits for full-time employees.

KRISTI PETERSON: It's got, you know, health insurance, dental insurance, 401k, PTO. And that's for anyone who applies to any full time role with us. They kick in after about 90 days.

- For people who want to come to work for you all and then grow within the company, there is a path and there is continuous training to do that, right?

KRISTI PETERSON: That's correct. There is really no cap on promotion. So again, I've been here 12 years, started as a technician, never intended to make this my career. But the culture here is so fantastic. I couldn't leave. And when they keep giving you more training, we keep supplying possessions for people to step into.

- Valvoline Instant Oil Change will be opening service centers and Lewisville and Waxahachie next, so you're all encouraged to apply now. Well, we have made it very easy for you to find details for all of these jobs. Just go over to our website and look for the Now Hiring logo. Best of