Now that our kid isn’t a baby anymore, my wife and I can’t agree on basic parenting'

A husband and wife can't seem to get on the same page when it comes to their parenting styles and choices. Posting to the Subreddit r/Parenting, the dad explained their dilemma. "[My] wife thinks [our] kid should do what [my] wife wants,” he wrote. “When [my] wife spends time with [our] kid, I notice [our] kid cries a lot more, is a lot more upset,” he added. "[I try] super hard to make [our] kid feel like she has a sense of control over her own destiny,” the poster shared. "This has led to the kid preferring me over her mom in almost every way,” he continued. Psychotherapist Debbie Opoku said that open communication and flexibility in parenting styles are critical to maintaining peace

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