Now Vaccinated, People Are Dancing Together Again This Memorial Day In Auburn Gresham

Thanks to the coronavirus vaccine, one block in the Auburn Gresham community is looking a lot different this year than it did last Memorial Day. CBS 2's Jim Williams reports.

Video Transcript

BRAD EDWARDS: Thanks to vaccine, one block in Auburn Gresham is looking a lot different this year than it did last Memorial Day weekend. Here's CBS2's Jim Williams.

JIM WILLIAMS: In the 8700 block of South Elizabeth, fellowship resumed. Up close. Burgers were back on the grill for all to enjoy. And they were dancing again together.

QUENTON LEE: It is so good to be out here today, a year later. We are all blessed to be here.

JIM WILLIAMS: DJ Quentin Lee supplied the music, for his family and neighbors who watched him grow up here.

QUENTON LEE: The neighbors are like moms and dads to us.

JIM WILLIAMS: One year ago on Memorial Day, we were here when Quentin hand delivered invitations. You are welcome to sit on your porch and enjoy some relaxing music. Even if COVID kept neighbors on the front porch.

- I can rock and roll in my chair.

- Our seniors have been in the house for so long.

JIM WILLIAMS: Today, up and down the block, they've been vaccinated. Quentin's dad Elton got his shot in February, and has persuaded others to get the vaccine.

ELTON LEE: I have talked to several-- many and encourage-- you know-- you got to do it.

JIM WILLIAMS: Michelle-Lewis McCann's social circle is much larger today.

MICHELLE-LEWIS MCCANN: Now having my shot. I'm able to enjoy-- look, family, friends, and neighbors. Wasn't able to do that last year at all.

JIM WILLIAMS: By Memorial Day last year, nearly 100,000 Americans had died of COVID. More than 400,000 Americans would die after Memorial Day. Eula Hartley survived the coronavirus last year, but she was very sick.

EULA HARTLEY: Yes. I was actually hospitalized for about three days and I was on oxygen.

JIM WILLIAMS: Today, she's vaccinated and enjoying her neighbors and Quenton Lee's dance party.

QUENTON LEE: It is so great to be back out here. Doing what I love to do. Making people happy. Making people laugh.

JIM WILLIAMS: Off the porch and in the street. Neighbors tell us they are especially grateful that they have lost no one to COVID on that block. A block with a good number of seniors. We're live. Jim Williams, CBS2 News.

BRAD EDWARDS: Amen to that. I feel like I missed out on the party. Thank you, Jim.