Noxious Fumes Or Toxic Mold? Australian Couple Learns What’s Been Poisoning Their Home

Marie and Gordon claim that a neighbor has been attacking their house with noxious fumes, causing it to be completely unlivable and making them sick. Marie’s daughters, Amy and Emily, say their mother and Gordon are taking “extreme measures” to prove a neighbor is responsible for the alleged poisoning– including making daily diary entries and constantly monitoring surveillance cameras mounted around their property. A comprehensive chemical analysis performed by a company specializing in the detection and mitigation of environmental contaminants determines that their house is not being contaminated by chemicals from neighbor, but instead, by a toxic mold growing inside the couple’s home. “There is a neighbors’ dispute, and that’s not going to go away just because we’ve come on ‘Dr. Phil,’” says Marie after hearing the results of the test at her home. “There’s things that are happening around our house that – unless you live there – you can’t see.” What is Marie’s response when Dr. Phil asks her if she accepts the results of the environmental analysis? ”Dr. Phil Down Under: ‘Poisoned in Our Own Home?’” airs Friday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch. WATCH: Comprehensive Analysis Performed On Home Of Australian Couple Who Claims They’re Being Poisoned TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Have an outrageous story that will shock Dr. Phil?

Video Transcript

PHIL MCGRAW: I had two big questions going into this. And one was, are you being contaminated? And the answer is, yes, you are being contaminated from inside your own home.

- There's one thing that hasn't been investigated, and that's the smoke that has been coming out of the chimney over the winter. I'm pretty sure they would have had some nasty things in that.

PHIL MCGRAW: I have brought every expert in Australia, and some as far away as Cleveland, Ohio, to narrow down a clear and present cause that can be tied to every symptom you have described. I found it, I located it, I identified it, and presented it to you. And now you want to tell me that you're concerned that a neighbor has smoke coming out of their chimney. I thought that's what chimneys were for.


And I mean, seriously, Gordon, come on.

- I still believe at some stage we're going to get-- it's gonna happen again. I just believe it.

PHIL MCGRAW: OK, how about you, Marie?

- There is a neighborhood dispute, and that's not going to go away just because we've come on Dr. Phil. You know, it's there. There's things that are happening around our house that, unless you live there, you can't see, so--

PHIL MCGRAW: OK, Marie, my question for you is I've provided you with a scientifically based alternative explanation to explain the symptoms that you attributed to a chemical attack from your neighbors. Do you accept that, or do you not? That's a yes or no question.

- Ah, yes, yes, I accept the chemical side of it, yes.

PHIL MCGRAW: OK, Amy and Emily, any final comment?

- I'm really happy that we've actually got our answer now to what is happening. So now my daughter and I can go home.

PHIL MCGRAW: I think if you'll give this a little bit of time, this can change when the mold changes here even more. And by the way, he did check the smoke, and there was nothing toxic in it, just so you know.