NTSB Release Preliminary Report On Deadly I-35W Pileup

The National Transportation Safety Board released preliminary information on the investigation into the deadly I-35W pileup earlier this year.

Video Transcript

- Federal investigators releasing some new details about that massive pileup during February's icy weather. Happened on the toll lanes of 35W in Fort Worth just north of downtown. Our Ken Molestina here took a little deeper dive into this today. What did you find out?

KEN MOLESTINA: Well Doug, this is believed to have been the biggest chain-reaction crash in our state's history. Think about that for a second. 133 vehicles were involved in all of this, with the wreckage stretching 1,100 feet. Now, there have been a lot of questions about the road conditions at that time. The report by the National Transportation Safety Board says that toll lanes were pre-treated with a brine solution just after 10:00 AM on February 9. At 3:40 AM on February 11, digital signs along the route warn drivers of icy conditions ahead.

After reports of freezing rain and mist in the area, the crash began around 6:00 AM that morning, nearly 48 hours after the pre-treatment. Drivers told police they hit an ice patch and could not stop. 114 cars and trucks, 32 tractor trailers slammed into each other. Two people were killed after getting out of their vehicles there on the crash site. Four others died in their cars. Today's report is simply, Doug, the preliminary findings. A full report from the NTSB is expected to take several more months.