NU helps develop equity training for nonprofits

Nonprofits help grow communities, and The Allstate Foundation is working to help grow nonprofits.

Video Transcript

- April is National Volunteer Month. Nonprofits work to better their communities, and the Allstate Foundation works with those nonprofits to make them stronger, offering several trainings, including ones in equity. Francie Richards is the vice president of social responsibility. She joins us this morning from Allstate Foundation. Thank you so much for being here.

FRANCIE RICHARDS: Thanks for having me.

- Absolutely. So tell us about the Allstate Foundation, and what you do to help nonprofits grow and thrive.

FRANCIE RICHARDS: Yeah, the Allstate Foundation really believes in the role that non-profit leaders play in taking care of our communities every day. So since 2014, we've been partnering with Kellogg's Center for Nonprofit Leadership, and making sure that our nonprofit leaders had free access to the same great leadership development that business leaders from around the world travel to Kellogg to receive.

- Right. So when you think about doing this during the pandemic, and doing this remotely, tell me about the equity training that you're able to offer, and you're doing it on a national stage. How does that help?

FRANCIE RICHARDS: Yeah, we had great response. We had to create two different sessions, even though the leaders weren't going to get to come in person, they're all dialing in online. We have about 70 nonprofit leaders across the country, a third of which are here in Chicago, dialing in to engage with other leaders struggling and trying to figure out how they can be responsive to this moment of time we're in around equity, and how they can create unique plans, based on their organizations and their roles, to make a difference in their communities.

- Yeah. When you think about the work that's been done, and you see the benefit, what are you seeing in Chicagoland, and how has it brought to light some surprising things, in some ways?

FRANCIE RICHARDS: I think the nonprofit leaders usually find that nonprofit leaders in other cities face similar challenges. The pandemic has made it difficult, of course, to serve their constituents, but it's also created some economic hardship. They're not seeing the same donations come in, they're not able to do their annual events, so bringing them together allows them that camaraderie to support one another.

I think we're also really interested in how this plays out, because in this case, they're coming with their board of director, maybe the board president, so we hope that in addition to being supported by their peers across the country when they get back to the office, or when they start to innovate in their organizations, they're going to have even more support from their leaders, their boards.

- Absolutely, talking about how, especially, I love that idea of collaboration between all sorts of different non-profits across the nation, because some are finding ways to thrive during this time, and maybe those strategies can be replicated. So that's great to see. Thank you so much, we really appreciate it.

FRANCIE RICHARDS: Yeah, thanks for having me.

- It's a pleasure, and these trainings are ongoing. So we'll post a link at