NU students participate in virtual dance marathon for charity

Northwestern University students will participate in a virtual dance marathon beginning Thursday night to raise money.

Video Transcript

- Hundreds of Northwestern University students are putting on their dancing shoes and hitting the virtual dance floor for nearly 30 hours straight starting tonight. It's their annual dance marathon. It raises money for a local charity. You can get in on this, too.

Lindsey Lubowitz is a senior and the marketing co-chair for the big event. Lindsey, how's it going?

LINDSEY LUBOWITZ: Hello, I'm happy to be here. Thank you for having me.

- It's really nice to have you this hour. And look, you normally have a big tent set up for this dance party. I know it was virtual last year, virtual again this year. We're looking at some video now from years past. What else is different this year?

LINDSEY LUBOWITZ: Yeah. So a lot's definitely different this year. So to make it safe for every-- all of our dancers involved, we've transitioned to a more event-based dance marathon. So we will have-- we've split it over three days, starting tonight at 7:00 PM. Tonight will kick off with speakers, and we also have a trivia event.

Friday night will be more of the traditional DM things that we have. It's our lock-down block, so we're really trying to foster that sense of community for all of our dancers involved. And then Saturday will be our last, our final sprint. We're trying to raise $30,000 in 10 hours, and that will be through different events.

So we have a 5K/10K in the morning. We have a yoga class with a core power instructor, as well. And then we finish off with the Second City performance at night. So a lot's different, but we're still really excited to have this opportunity.

- Yeah, a jam-packed itinerary over the next few days.


- So yesterday, students picked up these packets of goodies for the dance. What's in that packet?

LINDSEY LUBOWITZ: Yeah. So the packet is our hour shirts. So every year or so, depending on how many years you've danced, you're either 30 hours, 60 hours, 90 hours, or, if you've danced all four years, 120 hours. So in those kits are the shirts that will indicate your year for how many hours that you've danced, as well as some snacks, some water bottles, some other just, like, scheduling things for this afternoon.

And depending on if you raised a certain amount of money by a certain amount of time, we have some additional perks. So there were special snacks, special vintage t-shirts, and things like that to get all of our dancers hyped.

- Hey, Lindsey, I've got about 15, 20 seconds left. I know it's the 47th year you've done this. This benefits charity. I know some people are watching this. They may want to get involved. Who does it benefit? How can you sign up?

LINDSEY LUBOWITZ: Yeah. So benefits-- two beneficiaries this year-- Compass to Care, which is a Chicago-based nonprofit that covers travel expenses associated with childhood cancer, and our secondary beneficiary is our longtime beneficiary, the Evanston Community Foundation, and that is just a local charity that helps a bunch of different things.

So if you're interested in donating, it's And if you're looking to buy tickets to this event, which you can buy for all of the events throughout the weekend, that is So we'd love all the help that we could get. It's been a tough year, so if you're interested at all.

- There it is. Lindsey Lubowitz. Really nice talking to you, Lindsey. Good luck. Have fun dancing out there.

LINDSEY LUBOWITZ: Thank you so much.