Nude Sleeping - Is It Good for Your Health?

Is sleeping in the buff better for you “down there”? One study has concluded that it is.

Wearing undies around the clock can keep heat and moisture close to your body, encouraging the growth of yeast and bacteria. Going commando can raise men’s sperm counts, and help women stay infection-free. But are you comfortable sleeping in your birthday suit?

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ER Physician Dr. Travis Stork reveals that his sleeping attire depends on the weather. He covers up when it’s chilly, but “I go buck-naked in the summer,” he admits.

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon feels the same, while Psychotherapist Stacy Kaiser is fond of wearing men’s boxers for bedtime. “They’re the best!” she exclaims.

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The Doctors’ viewers, however, were not on board with baring it all. In a Twitter poll, more than three-quarters said they’re keeping the jammies.

Dr. Stork's takeaway is that it's best for your health to, at least, avoid very tight undies at night. Dr. Ordon agrees, "Let it breathe -- men and women!"