The number of Black women on corporate boards is 'dismal': Goldman Sachs Foundation President

Goldman Sachs Foundation President Asahi Pompey discusses the need to have more overall diversity, and in particular, more Black women, on corporate boards and details what her foundation is doing to help. Pompey joined Yahoo Finance Live on July 5, 2022.

Video Transcript

ASAHI POMPEYERE: Under our Million Black Women Initiative, we've really been focused on-- as you know, it's a $10 billion initiative, and on top of it, $100 million in philanthropic capital, focused on Black women. And in particular, we've looked at Black women on boards. And the numbers are really dismal in terms of representation of Black women on boards and having that seat at the table. Look, if you're not in the room, then you're on the menu. And so that's been a key focus area.

As you see, the numbers there have increased slightly. But they're nowhere near where they need to be. And in particular, what we discussed at Essence Fest, as you're referencing, was really around making Black women board-ready, and also opening corporations up to having more Black women on their boards to really have their voices heard in the boardroom.