Number of the week in Hampton Roads business: 16th

16th — That’s where Hampton Roads ranks among large metropolitan areas in terms of readiness to work from home, according to a study by Filterbuy.

The reasoning behind the region’s preparedness is that 30.7% of its workers have remote-friendly jobs, 79.7% of households have a laptop or desktop computer, 73.3% of households have broadband internet and 65.3% of households have at least one spare bedroom that could be used for a work space, according to data from the U.S. Census Bureau and a recent study by University of Chicago researchers.

The region ranks below the Washington, D.C., area at No. 3 and Richmond at No. 7. Virginia ranks second among states in being most-prepared to work from home, according to the analysis based on access to computers, broadband internet, remote-friendly work and the space at home to do so.

— Tara Bozick, staff writer