By the numbers: Michigan football vs. Wisconsin Badgers

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It was supposed to be a heavyweight matchup in Week 5, as evidenced that it’s Fox’s Big Noon Kickoff, but it’s lost its luster thanks to Wisconsin going 1-2.

The Badgers have lost to Penn State in Week 1 and got blown out by Notre Dame after surrendering 28 fourth quarter points to the Irish in Chicago this past week. Meanwhile, Michigan football is 4-0, having blown out its first three opponents before struggling to put away Rutgers in the second half on Saturday. The Badgers still have an incredible defense but essentially no offense. The Wolverines haven’t won in Madison since 2001.

Something’s gotta give.

Here is how the two teams matchup according to that stats and national rankings through Week 4.


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Rank (metric)

Rank (metric)

Michigan scoring offense

16th (40.3 ppg)

54th (21.3 ppg)

Wisconsin scoring defense

Michigan rushing offense

5th (290.75 ypg)

1st (23 ypga)

Wisconsin rushing defense

Michigan passing offense

116th (164 ypg)

37th (187.3 ypga)

Wisconsin passing defense

Michigan total offense

33rd (454.8 ypg)

2nd (210.3 ypga)

Wisconsin total defense

Michigan yards per play

10th (7.28 ypp)

4th (3.99 ypga)

Wisconsin yards per play allowed

Michigan first downs

60th (21.3 pg)

1st (10.3 apg)

Wisconsin opp. first downs

Michigan third down conv.

26th (48.89%)

6th (25%)

Wisconsin opp. third down conv.

Michigan fourth down conv.

58th (57.14%)

23rd (33.3%)

Wisconsin opp. fourth down conv.

Michigan red zone conv.

19th (94.12%)

6th (67.4%)

Wisconsin opp. red zone conv.

Michigan sacks allowed

3rd (0.25 sapg)

46th (3.33 spg)

Wisconsin sacks

Michigan TFL allowed

2nd (2.25 tfla/gm)

63rd (8.33 tfl/gm)

Wisconsin TFL

Michigan long scrimmage plays

90th (51 10+ yd plays)

1st (18 10+ yd plays)

Wisconsin long plays allowed

Michigan penalties

62nd (53 yds/gm)

23rd (67.3 yds/gm)

Wisconsin opp. penalties

Michigan TOP

64th (30:10)

3rd (36:46)

Wisconsin TOP


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Rank (metric)

Rank (metric)

Michigan scoring defense

4th (11.8 ppg)

112th (19 ppg)

Wisconsin scoring offense

Michigan rushing defense

58th (133.25 ypga)

33rd (202 ypg)

Wisconsin rushing offense

Michigan passing defense

24th (171.5 ypga)

94th (197 ypg)

Wisconsin passing offense

Michigan total defense

34th (304.8 ypga)

68th (399 ypg)

Wisconsin total offense

Michigan yards per play allowed

29th (4.62 yppa)

104th (5.01 ypp)

Wisconsin yards per play

Michigan opp. first downs

34th (17 apg)

27th (23.7 pg)

Wisconsin first downs

Michigan opp. third down conv.

68th (38.1%)

125th (27.66%)

Wisconsin third down conv.

Michigan opp. fourth down conv.

23rd (33.33%)

65th (50%)

Wisconsin fourth down conv.

Michigan opp. red zone conv.

82nd (85.71%)

126th (61.54%)

Wisconsin red zone conv.

Michigan sacks

85th (1.75 s/gm)

14th (1.33 sa/gm)

Wisconsin sacks allowed

Michigan TFL

92nd (5 tfl/gm)

9th (4.33 tfla/gm)

Wisconsin TFL allowed

Michigan long scrimmage plays allowed

21st (40 10+ yd plays)

123rd (38 10+ yd plays)

Wisconsin long plays

Michigan opp. penalties

96th (47 yd/gm)

32nd (45 yd/gm)

Wisconsin penalties

Michigan turnover margin

25th (+0.75/gm)

130th (-2.33/gm)

Wisconsin turnover margin


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Special teams

Rank (metric)

Rank (metric)

Michigan kickoff

44th (63.53 yds)

9th (57.71 yds)

Wisconsin opp. kickoff

Michigan kickoff return

39th (23.3 yds/ret)

121st (30.33 yds/ret)

Wisconsin kickoff return allowed

Michigan punting

67th (43.18 yds/p)

129th (50.55 yds/p)

Wisconsin opp. punting

Michigan punt return

14th (17.11 yds/ret)

67th (7.17 yds/ret)

Wisconsin punt return allowed

Michigan field goals

41st (83.3%)

28th (60%)

Wisconsin opp. field goals

Michigan PAT

1st (100%)

36th (100%)

Wisconsin opp. PAT

Michigan opp. kickoff

3rd (55.23 yds)

62nd (63 yds)

Wisconsin kickoff

Michigan kickoff return allowed

1st (10.33 yds/ret)

121st (14.5 yds/ret)

Wisconsin kickoff return

Michigan opp. punting

107th (44.95 yds/p)

7th (49.29 yds/p)

Wisconsin punting

Michigan punt return allowed

50th (6 yds/ret)

71st (7 yds/ret)

Wisconsin punt return

Michigan opp. field goals

37th (66.7%)

74th (71.4%)

Wisconsin field goals

Michigan opp. PAT

47th (100%)

9th (87.5%)

Wisconsin PAT

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