Nurse caring for COVID patients in SF has memorabilia stolen

Poelking says a work bag with a stethoscope her grandma gave her 16 years ago was stolen from the smash and grab.

Video Transcript

- A traveling nurse who moved to San Francisco less than 24 hours ago to care for COVID patients had something very precious stolen from her. Kathleen Poelking took her dogs for a walk along Pine Street in Nob Hill this morning. And 45 minutes later, she says she returned home to find her minivan broken into. Her work bag was gone, along with something very valuable to her inside. She left a note in the window explaining what happened.

KATHLEEN POELKING: And inside was the Litttmann stethoscope that my grandmother gave me when I graduated from nursing school. She's passed away since then. And I mean, it's irreplaceable. I've literally carry that on every shift I've worked-- critical care, ER, and ICU-- for 16 years. And I really hope I get it back. And my stethoscope, you know, it's irreplaceable.

- I really feel for her. Kathleen's landlord had even warned her about car break-ins, but didn't think anyone would want to take her work bag. She is asking anyone who sees the olive-colored bag with the Cleveland Clinic logo on it to please contact police.