Nurse still waiting since December to get vaccinated

Texas has expanded its COVID-19 vaccine eligibility, but there are still some members in the first group struggling to get their first dose.

Video Transcript

- --live right now at Rice Stadium. They have teamed up here with Baylor St. Luke's, where they have a walk-through site. You heard of the drive-through sites for vaccinations. This is a walk-through site.

Now, you do have to have an appointment. They are open from 9:00 to 6:00 on Monday through Friday. And they plan on being open here until June. They're doing about 300 vaccinations a day. They're hoping to ramp that up to even 1,000 at some point.

But despite more and more people getting vaccinations, we did find people in groups 1A who still were waiting.

Jennifer de Rosa loves being a nurse. She works with a special group of patients.

JENNIFE DE ROSA: I'm in home health care. But I work with pediatric patients who are immunocompromised. And most of them have a trach. And they're on a ventilator.

- She takes every precaution and has, especially since COVID.

JENNIFE DE ROSA: I'm more worried about the patients than myself. I mean, of course, I worry about me. But I take all the precautions I can. I keep my circle small. But really, it's about them.

- But despite working with high-risk patients, she still hasn't been able to get the vaccine. She's been trying since December.

JENNIFE DE ROSA: I think it's insane. I don't understand.

- She said she knows other health care workers dealing with the same thing, still waiting to get the vaccine. And remember, she's in 1A. Now people in 1C can get it.

JENNIFE DE ROSA: I don't understand how 1A is not completely vaccinated, but we're going to go ahead and open it up to more people. It doesn't make sense to me.

STEPHEN WILLIAMS: --are made aware of situations like that.

- Stephen Williams is the director of the Houston Health Department. He says if anyone in group 1A is experiencing a problem with getting the vaccine to contact them directly.

STEPHEN WILLIAMS: We'll get the 1A's done. And we certainly want to get 1B's done too. It's important. We know that this is not a perfect process. And we realize that some agencies are not as assertive in trying to get their individual employees vaccinated. And so as a health department, we serve as a safety net.

- Fortunately, Jennifer got an appointment. She's set to get her dose on March 20.

JENNIFE DE ROSA: I'm stoked. I'm super excited because I don't want to ever be the reason anybody gets sick ever, especially patients that can't recoup as well as people who are not immunocompromised.

- Well, so happy to hear that Jennifer is able to get her appointment. And again, the director that you heard from, Stephen Williams, he's really encouraging everyone to get vaccinated. You can sign up for vaccinations by going online at Baylor St. Luke's website. Again, they're hoping to eventually do 1,000 vaccinations a day as those vaccinations ramp up.