NXT Vengeance Day Result: Wes Lee vs. Donovan Dijak

NXT Vengeance Day Result: Wes Lee vs. Donovan Dijak
NXT Vengeance Day Result: Wes Lee vs. Donovan Dijak
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Image Credit: WWE

NXT Vengeance Day opened up with an NXT North American Championship match, and in an incredible opening, Wes Lee retained his title.

In a match that saw both superstars going all out for the title, it was Lee who would do just enough to walk out with the win. Late in the match, Dijak attempted to end things by catching Lee in mid-air following a suicide dive attempt from Lee, and sending him through the barricade outside of the ring. Dijak then put him in one of the commentary chairs and trapped him with a broomstick, before delivering a nasty superkick.

As Dijak went up for the moonsault to end things, though, Tony D’Angelo and Stacks appeared at ringside, and pushed Lee out of the ring and out of the way. After rolling back into the ring, Lee then hit Dijak with a superkick as Dijak was trying to hit a springboard on him, resulting in the win for Lee.

For a brief recap of how the match came to an end, check out below courtesy of our live, play-by-play coverage:

Lee tries a springboard but gets caught in high justice. Lee kicks out. Dijak traps Lee in a sleeper. Lee almost goes to sleep but manages to get to his feet. Before he can get to the ropes, Dijak tries high justice again, but Lee flips out of it and lands a superkick. Dijak begs Lee to bring it. Lee lands a nasty knee strike to Dijak’s face. Lee hits the ropes and eats a cyclone boot. Dijak lands lariat. Lee kicks out again. Dijak tries a powerbomb off the second rope, but Lee turns it into a rana. Both men land awkwardly. Lee lands the Final Flash. Dijak kicks out at 2.9. Dijak rolls out of the ring.

Lee tries a suicide dive, but Dijak catches him and sends him into the barricade. Dijak sits Lee in a chair and traps him with a broomstick. Superkick by Dijak. Dijak goes up top for a moonsault, but Tony D’Angelo and Stacks appear at ringside and push Lee out of the way. Dijak moonsaults onto them instead of Lee. Lee rolls back into the ring. Dijak tries a springboard, but he leaps right into a superkick from Lee. Lee hits his backflip kick for the win.

Winner and STILL North American Champion, Wes Lee!

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