NY, CT among 22 states with more than 10% increase in new COVID cases

After months of decline, 22 states -- including New York and Connecticut -- have seen an increase in COVID-19 cases.

Video Transcript

- Worries this morning about an increase of coronavirus cases in the United States now. After months of decline, 22 states, including New York and Connecticut have seen a rise in cases. But the vaccination effort continues to accelerate. And the United States just broke its single day vaccination record, reporting nearly 3 and 1/2 million shots in 24 hours. In New York City, mayor de Blasio announced a new push to vaccinate the city's largest public employee union.

DILL DE BLASIO: Our city employees who have seen us through this fight are going to get vaccinated here. Members of DC37 [INAUDIBLE] who have been heroes in the fight against COVID, absolute heroes. They have been there at the front line every step along the way.

- In the meantime, New York is working on this new vaccine passport app. The app tracks who has been vaccinated and could help the state reopen safely. Madison Square Garden plans to begin using it as soon as next week.

- A warning this morning from Connecticut's department of public health. Keep wearing masks and social distancing. The state seeing a spike in COVID cases the past couple of weeks. The state's health department moved several towns and cities with rising COVID rates back to red alert status. The average daily case rate for COVID-19 increase statewide to 25 cases per 100,000 residents per day.

- Officials doled out vaccinations for nearly 1,000 transit workers in New Jersey, all at a pop-up vaccine clinic. Not bad, right? New Jersey transportation agencies and the Port Authority teamed up with Walgreens to host the large-scale clinic in Newark. Employees had to preregister to get a shot. And a second large-scale employee vaccine clinic is planned for next month.