NY to fine hospitals that fail to use up vaccines

In an effort to speed up what has been a sluggish rollout of the coronavirus vaccine, New York's governor threatened Monday to fine hospitals up to $100,000 if they don't finish their first round of inoculations by the end of the week. (Jan. 4)

Video Transcript

ANDREW CUOMO: The hospitals have been receiving vaccines over the past three weeks-- roughly 46% of the total allocation. These are the hospitals that have used the existing allocation the fastest and those who have used the existing allocation the slowest.

You have the allocation. We want it in people's arms as soon as possible. New York State Department of Health sent out a letter yesterday to all hospitals that said, if you don't use the allocation by the end of this week-- the allocation you've received-- by the end of this week, you can be fined. And you won't receive further allocations. We'll use other hospitals who can administer it better.

This is a very serious public health issue. And Department of Health Commissioner Zucker is very firm about making sure the hospitals step up and deliver here. So any provider who does not use the vaccine could be fined up to $100,000.