NY to increase transit employee testing

New York's transit authority says it's embarking on a first-in-the-nation testing program to guard against a second wave of the new coronavirus among transit workers. MTA Chairman Patrick Foye said the goal will be to test 15% of frontline workers weekly. (Oct. 27)

Video Transcript

PAT FOYE: We are proud today to launch a new voluntary COVID screening program for frontline employees, the first program of its kind for transit workers anywhere in the nation. There is no question but that the first wave hit New York and the MTA incredibly hard. And we're taking what we learned from that experience to prepare for the future.

Yeah, we've done tens of thousands of tests for the MTA workforce. And this is just taking it to the next level. What we want to do is if, in the unfortunate circumstance there is a second wave in New York, that we're prepared for it, and we take every action we can to minimize health risk to our customers and our employees.