NY lawmaker calls on Cuomo to step aside

A New York State Assemblywoman is calling on Gov. Andrew Cuomo to step aside from his duties following new allegations of sexual misconduct. (March 11)

Video Transcript

PATRICIA FAHY: Yes, this latest one cost me sleep last night. This latest one is-- is a new level. The sixth one raises to a new level. And I had been holding-- after numerous requests, I've been holding to say we need the investigation to continue. I have tremendous respect for our attorney general.

But this one is a new level, this issue of groping. It can lead to other charges or higher levels beyond sexual harassment, and that will remain to be seen. But I think it-- it just fueled the disruption.

We are in the thick of the budget, the thick of administering vaccines. We-- we just received tens of billions of dollars from the feds. We need to get people back to work and get the economy started. It's just too much.

Again, it's now reached-- it's gone from distraction, to use probably not the best word, but to a disruption now, in terms of the urgent business facing state government. These are very serious allegations.

I don't come to this lightly. I-- you know, I-- I think-- and it is tough. We saw some serious leadership, whether people agreed or disagreed, but he stepped up last year when we didn't have that leadership at the federal level.

And so I try to look at the whole of the issue. But this is now disrupting. These allegations are taking away from the work at hand. And-- and I think he should step aside while the investigation continues.