NY nursing home deaths undercounted by thousands

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's administration confirmed Thursday that thousands more nursing home residents died of COVID-19 than the state's official tallies had previously acknowledged. (Jan. 29)

Video Transcript

VIVIAN ZAVAS: What I thought was that she would be safe. Actually, it wasn't the case. Once the shutdown happened on March 11, my mother was dead by March 30. We were blindsided because we thought for sure if there was COVID-19 in the facility and they suspected any patient in there with the virus, they would have told us.

ANDREW CUOMO: The State Department of Health followed federal guidance. So if you think there was a mistake, then go talk to the federal government. It's not about pointing fingers of blame. It's that this became a political football, right?

VIVIAN ZAVAS: We did feel it was a coverup, and we have a slight sense of vindication because we knew in our hearts that the numbers had to be much higher.

But these are some of her ashes that I was able to keep. And--

I think seniors are generally undervalued already. The reality is that these are the people who built our country. These are the people who made me the fighter that I am, the mother that I am, the wife that I am. I attribute that to my mom. I attribute that to my father, who may now be in their late 70s, but they are valuable to my family. She's the matriarch of my family. And without her, there's a tremendous void.