NY preschool intern, once charged with abusing kids, dies

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Danish broadcaster DR says a Dane, who was accused of molesting 13 children at a Manhattan preschool before the charges were dropped, has died in Denmark. He was 27.

The mother of Malthe Thomsen tells DR her son died of a blood clot in his heart Saturday.

Gitte Thomsen said Tuesday he was able "to continue with his life after the grueling case that took a hard toll on both him and his family."

Five years ago, Malthe Thomsen was arrested on sexual abuse charges after an assistant teacher at the International Preschools reported to her supervisors that Thomsen was abusing children. Thomsen was an intern at the time.

The school investigated, found no evidence of abuse, and the charges were dropped. The school later fired the assistant teacher.