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NY prosecutors to indict Trump Org CFO: sources

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New York prosecutors investigating former U.S. President Donald Trump's business will likely issue criminal indictments against his firm, the Trump Organization.

That's according to people involved in the case, who added they did not expect Trump himself would be charged.

An attorney representing Trump said on Monday that based on discussions with prosecutors he expects "no charges" will be brought against Trump in the initial round of indictments.

Several people familiar with the investigation said the initial charges would focus on Allen Weisselberg, the longtime chief financial officer for the Trump Organization, and other company officials.

Sources told Reuters the charges would likely allege Weisselberg and others received corporate benefits such as free apartments and cars that were not reported on their tax returns.

The exact charges prosecutors are preparing are not known.

The indictments would be the investigation’s first against top officials at Trump's company, marking a critical shift from investigation to prosecution.

Prosecutors have been pressing Weisselberg to cooperate with their probe and provide testimony, so far, without success.

An indictment would increase that pressure.

Weisselberg is among Trump’s closest confidants, having worked for the company since 1973 when it was run by Trump’s father, Fred.

Trump released a statement Monday night attacking the prosecutors as "rude, nasty and totally biased" and said his company’s actions "in no way a crime."

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