NY Road Deaths, Drunk Driving To Spike New Year's: Study

Priscila Korb

NEW YORK — A new study found that road deaths in New York are expected to increase by over 30 percent during holidays and drunk driving is expected to spike during New Year's.

The car shopping service CoPilot this month published the study, which evaluates the states that experience the largest increase in road fatalities during holidays.

While most states report the biggest increase in road fatalities during the Fourth of July, driving-related deaths across the country increase more than 30 percent during holidays.

In New York, fatal crashes increase by 31.3 percent during holidays, with 6.4 percent of all fatal crashes in the state reported during holidays. There is also an average of over three fatal crashes per day on holidays.

Across the United States, New Year's involves the most fatal crashes involving a drunk driver at over 40 percent.

According to an AAA report, 2.94 million Americans are expected to hit the roads for the holidays, with road trips becoming the main mode of transportation amid the coronavirus pandemic.

This article originally appeared on the Babylon Village Patch