NY Sees Lowest Coronavirus Death Toll Since Pandemic Peak: Cuomo

Maya Kaufman

NEW YORK — New York saw its lowest daily death toll from COVID-19 since the peak of the state's coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Sunday.

There were 23 deaths attributed to the new coronavirus on Saturday, which Cuomo called the "lowest number ever” during a news briefing.

Saturday's death toll marks a dramatic decrease from the 799 deaths recorded on April 8, which claimed the grim record as New York's deadliest day in the pandemic.

Hospitalizations statewide reached 1,657 patients on Saturday, the lowest number since March 20, according to Cuomo.

Meanwhile, the state is testing about 50,000 people a day for the virus, and Cuomo is extending the open enrollment period for the state health insurance exchange to July 15.

"We are making really great progress," Cuomo said.

Yet Cuomo warned of a possible uptick in cases of the coronavirus as New York begins to reopen, as is happening in 21 states across the U.S. that have rolled back their lockdown measures, an Associated Press analysis found this week.

Cuomo threatened to halt — or even reverse — reopening measures in regions where residents and business owners are flouting state rules restricting social gatherings and requiring face coverings and social distancing.

The state has received 25,000 complaints of businesses violating reopening plans by allowing large gatherings or not enforcing social-distancing and mask requirements, Cuomo said, warning that bars and restaurants violating the rules could get their liquor licenses revoked.

Manhattan and the Hamptons accounted for the most complaints, though Cuomo didn't share the numbers for those regions.

"Think about how concerned New Yorkers are not just to see the violation, but then to care enough to come back and write a letter or call registering the complaint," Cuomo said. "They’re saying, 'my health is jeopardized,' and that’s why they're complaining."

Cuomo also castigated police officers for not wearing masks and urged them to do more enforcement of open container laws and social distancing rules outside bars and restaurants where New Yorkers are congregating.

There are now 383,324 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in New York, including 694 new cases statewide and 385 new cases in New York City.

This article originally appeared on the New York City Patch