NY Times 'Vows' Backlash: Readers Respond To Couple Who Left Spouses To Marry Eachother

We can't remember the last time a New York Times 'Vows' column caused such an outpouring of public opinion more than this week's, about a couple wholeft their respective spouses to marry each other(oh wait,yes we can).

139 peoplecommented on the story before theTimesclosed it to comments, while the blogosphere ripped into the couple--and the paper--for everything from referring to "spouse-dumping" with "unmitigated pride" to failing to adhere to even "basic journalistic practice" by not calling the exes for comment, even as other outlets asked "what's all the fuss?"

We've collected some of the fiercest reactions from the Twitter-verse--both positive and negative. We'd love to hear your thoughts, too: Tweet your responses with the hash tag #vowsbacklash or add your comments below.

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