NYC beaches reopen despite wet start to holiday weekend

It may not look like it outside, but Saturday is the official start to beach season in New York City.

Video Transcript

- The beach is reopening, and the Bethpage Air Show later on today. So everybody getting ready to watch what they can put on today. Reopening the Tri-State-- all part of it. This holiday weekend continues even though the weather is wet. Business owners are hoping for a rebound as more people head out and about. What's that going to look like on a weather day like today? Eyewitness News reporter Derick Waller live at Coney Island with what we can expect this morning. And I'm sorry, man. I mean, you've got the jacket on. I mean, it's just one of those days, right?

DERICK WALLER: Oh my gosh. This is not good. Is this a joke? I think this is a joke because there's no way this is Memorial Day weekend. Also, I am underdressed. I am freezing cold right now.

Take a look at the beach. I think this is going to look like this all day. I can't imagine anyone actually coming out here to enjoy this because there's really nothing to enjoy. You see the red flag out here. We get the rip current warning, but there is no getting in the water today. Allegedly, there's supposed to be lifeguards that are coming here at 10 o'clock today to kick off summer. I feel like that's hard to believe as well.

Now, here's what it looked like on Friday. The kickoff of summer looked more like late March. Typically, today, you'd see beaches packed with people, but with temperatures lingering in the 50s with rain and wind, this weekend is turning into a wash. Still, the horrible weather won't stop some people.

- Not exactly Beach weather. I'm not in my bathing suit. I'm in my raincoat, but I'm still making the best of it.

- After however many months stuck at home, just being out at all in any capacity is just beautiful.

- Even if it's really rainy, the kids still have a good time. So actually, it's better than being at home.

DERICK WALLER: Now, if you do happen to find yourself coming out to the boardwalk today, perhaps to visit one of the restaurants that is out here, you can certainly sit inside and do that. You might see one of the city's mobile vaccine buses, so if you come to the beach this weekend, one of the city's beaches, you can actually also get a coronavirus shot.