NYC celebrates 4/20 with free joints

A longtime champion in the fight to legalize marijuana handed out joints in a New York City park Tuesday on what has become the unofficial holiday for cannabis. All you needed to do was show a COVID-19 vaccination card. (April 21)

Video Transcript

- Joints for jabs! Joints for jabs!

- If you have your vaccination card, you get a joint. Fill out the form.

- Hey, guys, guys--

- You're the first.

DOLLY SPIGNER: Got my card. Yes, I got vaccinated. Got the first joint today. Oh, well, I appreciate it. Let me tell you, I'm not going to smoke it here. I'm going home.

DANA BEAL: We're doing a special, something special. Because you know, issues move on, marijuana has been legalized. And we're giving out joints to promote Cuomo's vaccination drive!

DOLLY SPIGNER: I think it's a good thing. It will bring more awareness to the marijuana fight, which should be legalized more and more and more, in every state. And proof of vaccination. That means our state is getting better.

OLIVER STEWART: I read about it. I haven't smoked in a long time. I didn't realize it was 4/20. And I saw something on the news, so I thought I'd come down.

- What do you think about tying it to vaccination sites?

OLIVER STEWART: I think it's an excellent idea, and very, very motivating.

MEL ANDERSON: I think they should hand out some real weed. Not the CBD, some THC, some real marijuana. That's what I think.