NYC landlord enrages the internet over 'joke' TikTok

A New York City landlord is in

hot water with TikTok users...

after she posted a video on the platform showing her taking packages from the lobby that supposedly belong to residents.

“My tenant is late on rent and is

avoiding me but has money to order,”

the captions in the TikTok read.

“So I take all their packages

until they pay up”.

As of May 5, the video has been

deleted, but Abbe Awosanya is

still facing a lot of scrutiny —.

despite claiming that

she was only joking.

As people pointed out that

obstructing mail is a federal offense.

Awosanya explained that the packages featured in the video were all hers.

“Thanks for the concern,” she reportedly replied to one comment, according to BuzzFeed.

“All my mail but it’s nice that yall only care about renters like landlords don’t have bills”.

The timing of Awosanya’s statement comes in tandem with nationwide calls for rent strikes.

New York state has suspended

evictions until at least June 20