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NYC Leaders Searching For Solutions After Weekend Of Gun Violence

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The search for solutions to spiraling out of control gun violence continued Monday after nearly 30 separate incidents in New York City over the weekend. CBS2's Marcia Kramer reports.

Video Transcript

- Does follow a weekend of gun violence in the city. And it has leaders searching for solutions to stop the violence. CBS 2's political reporter Marcia Kramer with this story.

MARCIA KRAMER: New York became the city of memorial candles as bullets flew and gun violence continued unabated. This memorial, on Taylor Avenue in the Bronx, where a 35-year-old man was pumped full of bullets. This single candle marks a deadly shooting in Red Hook where residents say they don't need visual reminders of the violence. They hear it constantly.

SAM RAMIREZ: Since I've been here is about the third or fourth time. I have not been here a year yet.

MARIE TULL: It doesn't matter if you walk during the day, the afternoon, any time it happens.

MARCIA KRAMER: Dr. Robert Gonzalez, professor of criminal justice at St. Johns and the former NYPD assistant commissioner for training, says MAYOR De Blasio doesn't get it. He says his honor needs to reestablish anti-crime patrols, go after quality of life crimes, and send a clear message that he respects the cops.

ROBERT GONZALEZ: They need to again implement and bring back the plainclothes units in the local precincts. These are our marines on the streets that are addressing guns and violence and street crime. We have nobody out there doing this right now.

MARCIA KRAMER: This past weekend there were 28 gun incidents, 31 victims. The same time last year there were four gun incidents and five victims. In his proposed new budget, the mayor sought to deal with gun violence by establishing partnerships with communities. The NYPD was kept at 35,000, no extra cops. The mayor insisted that recent increases in gun arrests will turn the tide.

What makes you think that the increase in arrests mean anything when there are more guns and more incidents and more blood?

- Because the folks are the best at public safety in the nation, the leaders of the NYPD, continue to identify the problem.

ROBERT GONZALEZ: Until we can invest in bringing in new police officers to go out there in the street and combat the increase in crime here in New York City, all these other plans and ideas and projects to me are just lip service.

MARCIA KRAMER: The people who work in the community to cure violence groups don't agree.

IESHA SEKOU: I don't think that having more police is necessarily the answer.

MARCIA KRAMER: The mayor insisted his financial plan was a recovery budget, but many say there will be no recovery unless there's a reduction in gun crime. I'm Marcia Kramer, CBS 2 News.