NYC tourism industry decimated by COVID pandemic: Report

An official report released Wednesday details the full economic impact of the loss of tourism and business in New York City due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Video Transcript

- And new at noon, an official report released today shows the economic impact from the loss of tourism and business in New York City that occurred during-- due to the pandemic. New York state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli says a 10 year period of record growth and tourism came to an end in 2020 as 43.7% million fewer visitors came to the city because of the shutdowns.

The comptroller said tourists spent only $13 billion in 2020, a 73% decline from the prior year. In the end, that will cost the city $1.2 billion in lost revenues in city fiscal year 2021.

THOMAS DINAPOLI: The pandemics damage to this industry has been staggering and it will probably take years before we get back to pre-pandemic levels of tourism.

- The state comptroller says the state and city's near-term focus remains getting more people vaccinated and reopening attractions and expanding capacity safely.