NYC man awarded grant for wheelchair for competitive basketball

Despite a challenging year for charities, one organization was able to fund 100% of grant requests during the pandemic -- including one for a wheelchair basketball player in Brooklyn.

Video Transcript

- This year, you guys, has been tough for charities, yet the Challenged Athletes Foundation was able to fund 100% of their grant request this week. And it's been such a difficult time for so many people in need, but 3,000 athletes that needed the prosthetics were awarded grants. In total, 49 states, Puerto Rico, 52 countries, and athletes ages one to 76 benefited. I was really lucky to Zoom with Brooklyn's wheelchair basketball player Abdul Saw. I shared his grand award with him through a video message. Our Brooklyn's own summer Olympian hopeful, Steve Serio, who currently has been training in Tokyo, had a moment of congratulations he wanted to send. Check it out

STEVE SERIO: And now, to Abdul. Man, I just heard the news. Congratulations on receiving your first wheelchair basketball chair through a CAF grant.

ABDUL AZIZ SAW: And I've been watching Steve Serio since I was in Africa. I've been dreaming of meeting all these guys, and I came to America. He was in Europe playing professionally, and one day he decided to come back. I got to meet him. It was just a dream come true. And now to see Steve mention my name and congratulate me [INAUDIBLE] is just a little overwhelming.

- You can see all happy he is. Go Abdul, very excited for you. He was eight years old in Africa when his leg was amputated after a motorcycle accident, you guys. But his love for sports led him to wheelchair basketball. You can see how inspiring he is. He also received scholarship money from CUNY. Charity grants totaling $5.1 million went out to support athletes like him. But I am excited for Abdul. Hopefully he someday will teammate with Steve and it'll be fun to watch for the Tokyo Olympics this year.

- Ooh!

- --especially for some of these athletes that are right here in our own backyard, right?

- How cool to have that congratulations from you and him. And an athlete is as an athlete, so we'll be watching for him.

- And their personality, I mean, you know, his personality was great. And then not only for us to get inspiration from him, but to get inspiration from each other is cool, too.

- Absolutely. That's cool.

- Absolutely. It's a great community, the Challenged Athletes Foundation.