NYC mayor calls Bronx apartment fire a ‘horrific tragedy’

At a press conference on Monday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams announced a revised death toll in a Bronx apartment fire on Sunday, saying that 17 people died, including eight children.

Video Transcript

ERIC ADAMS: We are going to continue to remain vigilant to address this just horrific tragedy that we're facing. The [? ME ?] modified the numbers of those who lost lives. We have 17 lost, nine adults, and eight are children. This is really an evolving crisis. And so as it evolves and as we get new information, we're going to share it with you as well so you can let the public know what we're going through.

We said this yesterday and we will continue to say, this is an unspeakable tragedy. Early this morning, I was joined with the chancellor. We visited every school in the area where the children, our young scholars, lost their lives. We sat down with the principal and the teachers and just wanted to have a private moment to let them know that we are here to support them as they go through this tragedy.

They shared just personal notes of these children, and it was something that we heard universally about each child that we lost is how much they smiled, how much they brought life to the school. And not only did this fire leave a burning pain in the hearts of people in this community, but it has left a burning pain in the children and the teachers and the faculties of this school.