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NYC mayor frontrunners Adams, Yang clash at debate

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The race for mayor of New York City heated up on Wednesday, as frontrunners Eric Adams and Andrew Yang clashed over crime and corruption allegations in a televised debate.

Eight contenders took the stage for the debate, which comes just three weeks before the Democratic primary on June 22.

Yang, a former presidential contender who has been near the top of most polls so far, was also most candidates' target for much of the night.

Yang fired off at Adams instead, the Brooklyn borough president and a former police officer.

"We all know that you've been investigated for corruption everywhere you've gone, city, state, even Barack Obama's Department of Justice investigated you. You've achieved the rare trifecta of corruption investigations."

Adams, who denied wrongdoing, accused Yang of being largely absent from the city.

"You do not vote in municipal elections at all. I just don't know. How the hell do we have you become our mayor with this record like this? How do you govern a diverse city like this? I just can't get it."

Talk about public safety dominated much of the debate.

Polls show it remains voters' top concern as violence and shootings have spiked in cities across the country over the past year.

Adams, who has put crime at the center of his campaign, vowed to increase the number of officers patrolling the city's subway system.

Meanwhile Yang called for a "massive recruitment drive" for new officers.

The winner of the June primary will be heavily favored to win the general election in November.

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