NYC mayor: Respect rules or face 'consequences'

New York City's mayor urged residents to "respect" the law after a neighborhood erupted in protests in response to new restrictions in areas where coronavirus cases are spiking. Bill de Blasio said, "there'll be consequences" if people don't. (Oct. 7)

Video Transcript

BILL DE BLASIO: Again, very clear that we are dealing with a health emergency. The state has laid down very clear rules. Everyone must follow those rules. The NYPD will be enforcing those rules. We want to be respectful, but I want to be very clear-- when the NYPD issues an instruction, as with any other situation in the city or any other protest, if the NYPD issues an instruction, people must follow the instruction. If they don't follow the instruction, then they are liable for whatever consequences occur.

I understand that there are people who disagree with this plan, and it is a democracy. We appreciate there's always going to be disagreements. But it's crucial that those who disagree still respect the fact that the state and city have made a decision for the health and safety of all. People have and will protest, and we understand that there is a place for peaceful-- peaceful protest.

But the NYPD will not tolerate people doing harm to others. There will be no tolerance for assaults, for damage to property, for setting fires. Anything like that is unacceptable. The NYPD will give people warnings, will make the ground rules clear. People have to follow those ground rules, or else, again, consequences come next.