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NYC mayoral race: FDNY fire officers union endorses Eric Adams

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New York City mayoral candidate and Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams picked up a major endorsement from the city's first responders on Tuesday.

Video Transcript

- Now to local politics. And it's not hyperbole to say the 110th mayor of New York, whoever she or he is and gets elected in November, will face more challenges than any other incoming mayor in the history of this city, including 9/11. So many now out of work, out of homes, out of businesses, a pandemic full of problems and a recession. So many people, however, want this job.

On the campaign trail tonight for us, here's political reporter Dave Evans.

- Let's bring back New York City to the best of times. Thank you.

DAVE EVANS: Today, city firefighters endorsed Eric Adams for mayor. And he promptly called himself the only blue-collar candidate in the race. Adams has received the backing of several unions and today said if he wins, he would be the first blue-collar mayor since Laguardia.

ERIC ADAMS: I am probably the only person that's running for mayor that has ever had a union card. So their health care is my health care. Their pension plan is my pension plan. We are the same.

ANDREW YANG: I haven't seen his comments. I'll leave it to Eric to run his campaign as he sees fit.

ERIC ADAMS: Andrew Yang, a tech entrepreneur, refused to tangle with Adams on blue-collar union credentials. The latest polling puts Yang in first place with 16%, but Adams is not far back. That same poll also found half of all New Yorkers, 50%, are still undecided.

ANDREW YANG: I am thrilled that New Yorkers of every background are excited about my campaign. And I think that a lot of people recognize that I'm focused on the things that matter most to the families here.

DAVE EVANS: But Adams is hoping to chip away at Yang's lead, claiming Yang is soft on crime and has no solid plan for leading us out of the pandemic.

ERIC ADAMS: This is not a race for mayor. This is a race to save the city of New York. We can't go backwards.


DAVE EVANS: One of the biggest endorsements still to come is the teacher's union. Between that and the official debates that kick off next month, the mayor's race is finally heating up. And we only have about 10 weeks to go before primary election day, June 22.