NYC Mayor's race: Mayoral candidates attend Memorial Day events

Several candidates running for mayor of NYC attended Memorial Day events with just three weeks to go until Election Day.

Video Transcript

- Three weeks from tomorrow, the primary election for the next mayor of New York-- and since we're keeping track-- two days from today, the first in-person debate among the top eight Democratic candidates who are running for mayor, the most diverse group of candidates ever out in force on this Memorial Day pressing the flesh, so to speak, something politicians, at least most of them, haven't done in a long time. Here's political reporter Dave Evans.

DAVE EVANS: On Staten Island today, the 102nd annual Memorial Day parade, and Eric Adams running for mayor was looking for supporters. He found some.

- I think that Eric Adams has a good shot.

DAVE EVANS: You like him.

- I do. I kind of do.

- I think he's going to win. We went to the police academy together.

DAVE EVANS: Adams, a former police captain and state senator, speaks often about the men and women serving in our military and how so many of them often end up homeless and troubled. Out of the five boroughs, Staten Island is, of course, by far the most Republican. But Eric Adams wanted to come to this parade to talk about veterans. Adams is proposing a program called Honor Our Heroes, a mobile outreach to veterans who sometimes slip through the cracks.

ERIC ADAMS: We want to a friendlier city when it comes down to having access to services, and nothing personifies that more than the countless number of men and women who have fought abroad, have come home to an unfriendly government.

DAVE EVANS: Kathryn Garcia today also attended a Memorial Day event. She has jumped in the polls lately, and she's prepping for a big televised debate on our air Wednesday night.

KATHRYN GARCIA: I am just so happy It's in person because I am so tired of Zoom, and I'm sure you all are as well. It's the basic that I do to get ready for anything.

DAVE EVANS: Andrew Yang, also at a Memorial Day event, struck an upbeat note today, even though he has slipped from his once lofty front runner status.

ANDREW YANG: Whenever we visit neighborhoods around the city, we just get greeted with excitement and enthusiasm. People just say, we need something different. You got our vote.

DAVE EVANS: Surprisingly, the race for mayor is still considered wide open. And on this Memorial Day, there is little time for reflection. Election day is just three weeks away.