Mayor calls NYC Pride's ban on NYPD participation a mistake

Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday reacted to the news that NYC Pride banned the NYPD from taking part in the Pride March until at least 2025, calling the decision a mistake.

Video Transcript

- NYC Pride today announced that police will be banned from taking part in the Pride March and other events until at least the year 2025. Organizers also say they'll be working with a private security firm and will ask the NYPD to stay a block away from all events. The Gay Officers Action League called the decision "shameful, demoralizing, and dehumanizing." The co-chair of NYC Pride says the group is taking into account the comfort of the community.

ANDRE THOMAS: We as an organization decided that we needed to put in place as much as a buffer between our community, who feels a sense of unsafety or uncomfortable when they see officers in uniform-- especially trans people of color in our community, who see the uniform and what it represents.

- An NYPD spokesperson tells us, quote, "the idea of officers being excluded is disheartening and runs counter to our shared values of inclusion and tolerance. That said, we'll still be there to ensure traffic safety and good order during this huge, complex event."