NYC rapper who died of COVID honored in Bronx

Fred the Godson, a staple of New York hip-hop, died last April at the age of 41.

Video Transcript

- The Bronx honored today in his hometown, one year after he died from a battle with covid-19. Frederick Thomas, known to fans is Fred the Godson, died last April after several weeks in the hospital battling the coronavirus. We covered it back then. Today, friends and family braved the snow and the rain to see the corner of Leggett Avenue and Kelly Street in the South Bronx renamed in his honor.

LEEANN JEMMOTT: We want to continue to uplift the community, better the community, and bring the community up, fight again with his humble beginnings, and he was able to overcome the adversity as a youngster.

- Thomas, a staple of New York hip-hop, working with artists like Jay-z, Diddy, and Mary J Blige.

- Well.