NYC Will Have Received 369K Coronavirus Vaccine Doses By New Year

Matt Troutman

NEW YORK CITY — New York City will close 2020 having received more than 368,000 doses of a vaccine that didn’t exist when the year began.

The game-changing COVID-19 vaccine developed separately by Pfizer and Moderna continues to roll into the city this week. Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday presented data showing by the week’s end — which more or less coincides with the new year — that the city will have received about 368,650 doses.

“They will not have been necessarily administered but they will have been delivered,” he said.

More than 59,000 New Yorkers, mostly frontline health care workers and nursing home residents, have so far received the vaccine in the city, according to immunization data.

Those vaccinations have ramped up on a daily basis in the two weeks since Pfizer doses arrived in the city.

They’ve also slowly but steadily been given to a wider circle of recipients.

Cuomo said urgent care center employees, people administering vaccines and residents of OASAS facilities will be the next priority populations to receive vaccines.

Next week, the vaccine rollout will extend to ambulatory care health care workers and public facing health care workers, Cuomo said.

This article originally appeared on the New York City Patch