NYC to resume limited indoor dining Feb. 14 -NY Gov.

The thousands of New York City restaurants that have been surviving on takeout business and makeshift outdoor pavilions since mid-December may reopen their indoor dining areas at 25% of capacity on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14, Cuomo said.

Despite the resumption of indoor dining, which comes on what is traditionally one of the industry's busiest days, Cuomo sounded a note of caution, saying that he is ready to reverse the move if the trajectory of COVID-19 indicators worsens.

"There are possible scenarios that could develop that are problematic,” he said at a briefing.

Video Transcript

ANDREW CUOMO: Overall, we're reopening the economy and we're protecting public health. We said it was never one or the other. It was always both. So it's smart and safe. It's following science and following data. You watch those numbers and you react to the numbers-- what is happening with the positivity, what's happening with the new cases per capita, what's happening with the hospitalization rate, and adjust the economic valve as follows.

New York City, we went from 7.1 in January-- that was our high point in New York City. It was the high point across the state. That was the post-holiday surge high-- went down to 4.9%. And again, all the models project that number to continue to drop. New York City restaurants, on our current trajectory, we can reopen indoor dining at 25% on Valentine's Day. The restaurants want a period of time so they can notify workers, they can get up to speed for indoor dining, order supplies, et cetera. So we're saying indoor dining 25% on Valentine's Day.