NYC shootings on rise after latest gunfire at seafood restaurant

By this time last year, there were 145 shootings, but as of Monday, there have been 206 so far this year -- a startling increase of 42%.

Video Transcript

- --gun violence in New York City, the latest last night at a seafood restaurant in Brooklyn. Two people shot, out of nowhere, by a gunman who just started firing. Was it random? Were they targeted? New York cops don't yet know. But what they do know, what we all know is that the number of people shot in this city this year so far is up, up 42%. Here's Eyewitness News Reporter NJ Burkett.

NJ BURKETT: Shopkeepers say it was frightening. The bullet shattered the store front of a seafood restaurant, leaving two customers wounded. Bullets fired in broad daylight from clear across the street. Boris Isliov owns a shoe store and watched it happen.

BORIS ISLIOV: [INAUDIBLE] I see somebody running for over, stay here behind my car and shoot over there.

NJ BURKETT: The suspect escaped around the corner. The two victims survived their injuries. But the motive for the shooting was not clear. But it was only the latest in a wave of shootings that's sweeping the city. On Friday night, a shootout between rival gang members in Queens left a 37-year-old woman dead, struck in the head and killed simply walking to the store to buy milk for her children. NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea testified at a city council hearing on police reforms.

DERMOT SHEA: Equally startling is that 97% of our shooting victims are people of color, which is why we heard in communities of color asking for more police and more visibility.

NJ BURKETT: On March 15 of last year, there were three shootings with three victims. Yesterday, there were four shootings with five victims. By this time last year, there were 145 shootings. But as of yesterday, there have been 206 so far this year, a startling increase of 42%.

Shopkeepers tell me their surveillance cameras are routinely vandalized, painted over with spray paint or smashed to pieces. No arrests so far in this case, no arrests so far in the Queens case. Anybody with information is urged tonight to call the NYPD.