In NYC a snow day and virtual learning collide

Even before the first flakes fell, the mayor of New York City made it clear that students, including ones attending classes in person, will be expected to log in. Some found a way to enjoy the snow despite the mayor's gloomy forecast. (Dec. 17)

Video Transcript

- I wonder if I go [INAUDIBLE].

ADINA KAYTON: It's amazing. It's great for the kids to see some normal stuff and experience some real winter in the city.

- Wee! Let's go, mommy!

- Yeah!

ADINA KAYTON: I think that's strange. I think the kids are still going to take advantage of it. I think they're just going to be logging off early and enjoying some kid stuff, like they should.

JAMIE NEWMAN: I think they've missed enough school that, you know, people shouldn't be too worried about it. And if you want your kid to miss a day, miss a day. Well, what's the end of the world, you know?



GAVRIELLE VILLANUEZA: It's a sad time that we'll never be able to log-- watch TV and wait for that snow day closure call, but times are different. And we're going to go do our Zoom class at 10:00, so we get the best of both worlds.