NYC Softball Players Miffed After Coach Quits To Coach Baseball

CBS2's Cory James has the story from LaGuardia High School.

Video Transcript

- Is their softball season on hold? The players at One New York City High School say they were placed on TBA when their coach left to lead the boys team.

- CBS News Corey James reached out to city officials to question how this happened.

SHILOH GONSKAY: We have no coach.

CORY JAMES: Those are words Shiloh Gonskay never thought she would say. The 18-year-old LaGuardia High School senior now fighting to save her softball season. This is after Gonskay says her team lost their coach to the boys baseball team, a sudden change this team captain did not see coming.

SHILOH GONSKAY: The coach reached out to me first. He was like, hey, um, I'm super excited for this season to start. Then, he emailed me two days later and was like, um, I'm really sorry I'm now going to be coaching baseball.

CORY JAMES: Frustrated parents tell CBS 2 the Public Schools Athletic League decided to play all three seasons of sports in the spring. However, coaches can only supervise one sport created what some are calling a coaching shortage that is sidelining pro athletes.

- It made me really, really upset.

CORY JAMES: In an email from LaGuardia High School's assistant principal and athletic director. PSAL was asked if coaches can supervise two sports, but that was declined. He then states in part, "not offering the sport during this truncated season does not affect future offering," end quote. While questions about Title IX Violations are being raised, New York City attorney, Siddartha Rao says when it comes to this situation--

SIDDARTHA RAO: Sounds like a Title IX Claim. I understand why people would be focused on the optics. And it's hard to know how much or how little sympathy will be given by responding public to the school. CBS 2 contacted the Department of Education for a response. They sent us this statement Thursday night that reads in part, LaGuardia High School will have both a baseball and a softball team. Adding, the school is in the process of hiring a softball coach and looks forward to starting the season shortly end quote.

CORY JAMES: And school officials say the softball season will begin as soon as a new coach is named. Some parents and athletes though question if that will actually happen, because they say other teams have already started practicing and they're still on hold. On the Upper West Side, Cory James, CBS 2 News.