NYC strip clubs sue over Gov. Cuomo’s COVID restrictions

Stephen Rex Brown, New York Daily News
·2 min read

Four New York City jiggle joints want to strip away Gov. Cuomo’s coronavirus restrictions.

NYC Gentlemen’s Club, Starlet’s, Sugar Daddy’s and Gallagher’s 2000 sued the state in Manhattan Federal Court Thursday, arguing it’s unfair for them to remain shuttered while bowling alleys, axe throwing venues and restaurants are allowed to operate. The clubs say they’re ready to safely reopen as soon as possible — and require that all staff and patrons wear masks.

“The exotic dancing venue shutdown has resulted in the loss of thousands of jobs for hard working New Yorkers across the State and threatens to jeopardize Plaintiffs’ market share and the long term economic viability of Plaintiffs’ business,” the suit reads.

The strip clubs “have been ready to open and become a leader in COVID-19 safety since the early days of the pandemic.”

Among the measures the mammary meccas are prepared to implement: modified venue layout, “frequent cleaning of all surfaces throughout the day by dedicated staff” and installation of hand sanitizer stations.

A similar suit filed by a Long Island strip club was dismissed in June of last year, according to Newsday.

But since then, Cuomo has allowed an array of businesses to reopen in one form or another. The governor announced on Wednesday he would loosen curfew restrictions and allow indoor gym classes.

The strip clubs, which have been closed since March 16, 2020, say it’s unclear why they must remain shut down. Even “Saturday Night Live” is allowed to film before a live studio audience, the suit notes.

The state has “never publicly explained how restaurants and bars with exotic dancing venues are meaningfully different from nightclubs, lounges, restaurants and bars with live music, SNL, movie theaters, axe throwing venues, wedding venues, casinos, churches, video lottery gaming facilities, bowling alleys, billiard halls, film houses, gyms, and fitness centers in the context of COVID-19,” the suit reads.