NYC set to run out of COVID vaccine as FBI investigates Cuomo

Mayor de Blasio says the city has less than 30,000 first doses left and might run out of the COVID vaccine Wednesday or Thursday.

Video Transcript

KEN ROSATO: New York City making strides in the race to vaccinate. Last week saw a record number of doses administered across the five boroughs. We also saw the single day record broken. Today, another mass vaccination site is opening in Brooklyn. The hope is that it will close the gap revealed in new data between poor and wealthier areas. Eyewitness News reporter Derek Wallers live in Brownsville, Brooklyn with the story. Derek.

DERICK WALLER: Ken, good morning. We are standing outside of Teachers Preparatory High School. This is going to open later this morning as a vaccination site for people who live in the surrounding neighborhood, as well as home health care aides. I can tell you, they are trying to close the vaccine gap. Take a look at this map on your screen.

And you see all that red? That shows the zip codes with the highest COVID infection rates. And those zip codes also happen to have the lowest vaccination rates. Now the city says it's trying to address the health disparity with some new neighborhood clinics in these heavily impacted communities. Here's what the Chief Equity Officer for the city had to say about it.

TORIAN EASTERLING: Having our sites in the neighborhoods that have been disproportionately impacted, neighborhoods that we know where black and Brown communities have been dealing with longstanding health inequities, has been really, really powerful.

DERICK WALLER: And now the federal government is opening its own vaccination sites. FEMA will open sites at York College in Jamaica and Medgar Evers College just down the street from here in Crown Heights. Both sites are expected to vaccinate 3,000 people a day. Those are opening up next week. Also later this morning, city council is going to get involved in this. They're going to talk about how the city can create its own website that will aggregate all the different websites that have a vaccine appointments. So state, local, private facilities as well, put it all together in one place. Think of this as basically the Expedia for vaccines.