NYC Urgent Cares Offering Walk-In Coronavirus Tests

Charles Woodman

NEW YORK CITY — CityMD Urgent Care is now offering walk-in tests for the new coronavirus at all of their locations across New York City.

According to CityMD, their tests can be administered to any patient who:

  • Has shown coronavirus symptoms like fever, cough, shortness of breath and body aches
  • Is a health care worker or first responder working with coronavirus patients
  • Has been in contact with someone who has the virus in the past two weeks

Patients can take the standard nasal swab test to see if they currently have the virus, or they can take an blood test which checks for antibodies. An antibody test could tell if the patient has had the coronavirus in the past and if they've built up an immunity against future infections.

CityMD says anyone who has health insurance will be completely covered and can receive a nasal swab test at no direct cost. Uninsured patients will have to pay the cost of a standard urgent care visit plus lab fees. The urgent cares say that most health insurances will also cover the antibody test, but some may require patients to pay $55 for lab fees.

Both the nasal swab and antibody tests take about three to five days before the patient receives their results.

CityMD says anyone who receives a positive test should self quarantine alone in their home, and call 911 if their symptoms worsen. They also urge those who get negative tests to still continue to exercise safe social distancing, wear a face mask and to wash their hands frequently to avoid catching the virus going forward.

A complete list of CityMD locations can be found here. More information on CityMD's coronavirus testing program can be found on their website here.

This article originally appeared on the New York City Patch