NYC vaccine shipments delayed due to weather

New York City's mayor says snowy and icy weather across much of the nation has significantly delayed shipments of COVID-19 vaccine. Bill de Blasio says the delays are forcing the city to "hold back appointments." (Feb. 17)

Video Transcript

BILL DE BLASIO: All over the nation, there's huge storms that are now causing delays in shipments. So I've been updated this morning on the fact that we unfortunately do expect vaccine to be delayed, shipments of vaccine that we were expecting by yesterday, today, to be delayed. That means we're going to have to hold back appointments that New Yorkers need because the vaccine isn't arriving.

Based on the information I've got now, as many as 30,000, 35,000 appointments or more might not be scheduled because we don't have vaccines. So appointments we would have been putting up available to people right now, we have to hold them back because the vaccine hasn't arrived.

It's obviously a national problem, what's happening with the weather, and it is gumming up supply lines all over the country. So this is now a real challenge, on top of everything else we're facing. We're watching it hour to hour, and we'll keep updating everyone as we get clarity on when those shipments will arrive.