NYPD unveils new initiative to combat anti-Asian hate crimes

Shea said enforcement would include plain-clothes officers being deployed in teams "to prevent New Yorkers from becoming victims in the first place."

Video Transcript

- 12 Happening Today, the NYPD is expected to address a new initiative to tackle rising hate crimes against the Asian community. This comes as community members across New York City are stepping up to help protect Asian-Americans against attacks. Dozens of people have already volunteered for weekend patrols. Earlier this week, the NYPD commissioner said officers and undercover police will be added to various neighborhoods in an effort to prevent hate crimes.

- 6:13, the NYPD launching a new online reporting service for specific types of complaints.

- What we looked at were all the touch points and interactions that the average person had with the department and we look for ways that we can digitize some of those touch points so that we could give people access to department services without necessarily stepping into a precinct.

- The aim of the NYPD online reporting service, located at the NYPD's website, is to increase access to department services the public will be able to file certain low level police complaints through the portal, including lost property, petty larceny, and misdemeanor criminal mischief and graffiti.