NYPD: Danial Shaukat, Ashan Azad, Haider Anjam Arrested In Back-To-Back Anti-Semitic Attacks In Brooklyn

Three suspects are facing hate crimes charges after several anti-Semitic attacks in Brooklyn. It comes amid a rising number of such crimes in the city.

Video Transcript

- Also today, we have an update on a hate crime investigation in Borough Park, Brooklyn. Two more suspects now arrested in connection to what police are calling a hate crime spree on Saturday night. 19-year-old Ashan Azad and 20-year-old Haider Anjam are now facing aggravated harassment and hate crime charges. 20-year-old Danial Shaukat also arrested earlier yesterday. The three men are accused of yelling anti-Semitic statements outside a group-- or, rather, to a group outside the Agudath Israel on 16th Avenue. Police say that the suspects attacked two teens and damaged a car.